Winnipeg is Canada Proof

Canadian Energy is the leading provider of Canada Proof products. In Winnipeg, Canada Proof is not just a broad range of stored energy solutions and renewable products available from the great folks at the Winnipeg Canadian Energy location. It’s a way of life!

Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, has a population near 750,000. It is also located near the longitudinal center of Canada. That’s a fancy way of saying that the heartbeat of the nation lies at its center (sorry Toronto). 

Nowhere will you find a more varying 365 days of the year than good old “Friendly Manitoba”.  Most outsiders think that it is cold for 363 days of the year. In fact, Winnipeg has the most varied climate in the world. The temperature can range from -30 degrees in January to +30 degrees in June. To live in this climate, you will have to possess a bigger wardrobe than Kim Kardashian. One day it’s colder than Antarctica and the next, it’s Miami. 

That is probably why Winnipeg has a huge multicultural society.  We are used to people from all over the world proudly calling this place home. 

 In Winnipeg, you will find a surreal sense of community, camaraderie and unyielding support for sports and the arts. From The Jets, Blue Bombers and Goldeyes to the Ballet, Orchestra or the many festivals and celebrations, we are a proud bunch that will always rally around our city and province.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, look no further than the sprawling wilderness that surrounds Winnipeg. There are many picturesque lakes, forest and prairie landscapes that will dazzle the avid fishing, hunting or nature lover. 

Winnipeg is a diverse, and proud city. We work hard and we play hard. We are truly Canadian and the citizens embody exactly what it means to be Canada Proof. Visit our Winnipeg Canadian Energy location and see for yourself!
At Canadian Energy in Winnipeg you’ll find quite the cast of characters!

The Cast of Canadian Energy Characters

Tim “Don’t Call Me the Toolman” Gillis, Branch Manager - If there is one thing Tim is more proud of than his unyielding, blind support of the Jets and Bombers, it’s his family.  He is a proud husband and father of a boy (who is a future Jets number 1 draft pick) and a girl (who will go on to be a world famous concert pianist)!

Daniel “Droppin’ Bombs” Barrate, Operations Manager – There really isn’t a sport that Daniel isn’t proficient at. A fact that he will remind you of as he is schooling you in the court, pitch, field and ice. He also is a music and movie aficionado who can recite the lyrics and script of almost any piece of modern works!

“Sunshine” Simone Brunet, Territory Manager – Simone is an avid fitness enthusiast and the most positive person you will ever meet. When she is not blazing the trails of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario spreading the good Canadian Energy word, she hangs out with what she describes as the cutest pooch in the world; her Puggle, Gibson!

David “The Deal” Zajaros, Customer Service - If ever you need a good negotiator or location of the hottest deal in town, contact David. He is also a part time car mechanic. It’s safe to say that having David in your corner is definitely a good deal!

Ed “Wheels” Wieler, Route Service Representative – When Ed isn’t dropping off product and wowing our customers with his engaging demeanor, he loves to travel the world. He has been to all 4 corners of the earth and has many amazing stories to regale. Ed loves to be on the move!


Submitted by Winnipeg Branch Manager & proud new father: Tim Gillis