Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

A lot of people say that social media is making us all dumber, but me not think that that.

For those of you not on LinkedIn already, I wanted to attempt to make a case for why you should consider signing up. Perhaps I am a little biased, but think every one of the platforms our company uses (LinkedIn, Twitter, FB and Instagram) are essential to your business and valuable for all team members to even passively participate in. 

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is. That's why social media is so powerful and integral to businesses today. 

Like a lot of you, I'm not interested in what my old college friend is eating for lunch today or what Kim Kardashian thinks about frozen yogurt. I don't want people poking me and I don't care that your relationship status is "complicated". However, I do care about how quickly consumers are transforming the way they interact & purchase based on their feelings they derive from a company's social media strategy. And I'm talking about YOUR customers. Yup, they are on LinkedIn.

I think it's the most impactful & mature of the big 4 platforms is LinkedIn. Think of it as the platform that where you actually don't mind hearing from the people in your network! That is a good thing! They probably want to learn more about you, our Company or potentially buy from you! It is an essential part of prospecting today.

So, without further delay, here are some benefits of being active on Linkedin. As always, open for discussion, debate, and rebuttal:

  • Promote who you are and where you work! When people like what they see on your profile they will look at your links and visit our website. These are existing and potential customers.
  • Let others recommend and endorse you for your skills and past work. Get some social cred for your skills and talents. When others recommend or endorse you, anyone who sees your profile can see these and it shows you have other experts backing up your claims to have certain skills. This is very powerful in getting contacted.
  • Share posts your followers will enjoy. This gives you a place as a thought leader among your customers and shows them being connected to you (and CE) is worth their time. Knowledge based distributers is who we are at our core.
  • It's a constant reminder to your connections about your presence. Be at the forefront of their thoughts when something comes up that could use your expertise. Remember you often have to get in front of them several times before they will do business with you.

Once you have a personal profile you can Join Linkedin Groups as well

  • Gain you access to experts in other areas. When you have a question, it's best to find experts in that industry and ask. They helps with consultations and second opinions as well. In groups you can easily find the best experts to consult with. 
  • Extensive network to connect with. Being part of a group gives you access to 3rd party connections who you wouldn't otherwise have the option to connect with.
  • Keep up with industry news that your customers want to know about. Keeping educated and in front separates you from the competition!
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