What To Do If Your Battery Has Corrosion


Hi there, my name is Matthew Sauer, SLI product manager for Canadian Energy. I'd like to talk about corrosion and how it can affect your battery. Sometimes, when you open your car hood or work on your engine bay, you may notice corrosion buildup on the battery terminals. This can also happen with Deep Cycle products in RVs or boats, where you may notice "green fuzzies" growing on the terminals. This is simply a result of excess off-gassing, which is hydrogen gas being released from the battery and attracted to the terminals due to the magnetic field in the electrical system.
Fortunately, there's nothing to be worried about. To clean the terminals, you can simply apply some baking soda to the terminal to neutralize any sulfuric acid or electrolyte that may be on it. 

Then, you can use a wire brush or terminal cleaner to scrub away any corrosion. Once the terminal is polished off, you can use Vaseline or terminal corrosion prevention spray, which can be found at Canadian Energy, to prevent further corrosion.

If you'd like more information on corrosion or corrosion prevention, please visit www.cdnrg.com.