What Makes a Good Commercial Truck Battery?


When it comes to commercial vehicles, batteries play a vital role in their performance and longevity.

Commercial trucks with electrical components like refrigeration units, GPS, and communication systems require batteries that can handle their high-current draws. But did you know that traditional lead-acid batteries have stayed unchanged for the last 50 years? It's true, and with the advances in technology and more electrical components being added to commercial vehicles, traditional batteries will no longer do the trick.

In this blog, we'll explain why MIXTECH batteries are the best option for modern commercial trucks.

1. High Capacity

Gone are the days when batteries only had to provide enough power to start an engine, run lights, and run radios. Nowadays, commercial trucks have several electrical components with high-current draws, such as refrigeration units, ELDs, modems, and more. Hence, modern batteries are required to have large enough capacity to provide consistent power to all key loads without deteriorating the battery's life.

2. Durability & Longevity 

Commercial truck batteries face harsh operating environments, long working hours, and frequent discharge and recharge cycles, which cause sulfation and acid stratification. These chemical processes build up sulfation on the battery's plates and create concentrated electrolyte at the bottom of the battery's cell, leading to lower capacity and, leading to much lower capacity and considerable damage to the plates within 6-8 months of installation.

A good commercial truck battery should be engineered to counter these effects. Canada Proof MIXTECH batteries have a unique mixing technology that consistently keeps the electrolyte mixed using the motion of the vehicle, preventing acid stratification and sulfate buildup with no visible plate damage after 12 months of use. This results in a longer battery lifespan and more consistent power output.

3. Reliability & Maintenance

Commercial vehicles rely on their batteries to keep running smoothly. A good commercial truck battery should have excellent reliability, consistency, and low-maintenance requirements, so it doesn't cause downtime for the fleet. MIXTECH batteries have a robust design that resists vibrations, temperature variations, and heavy-duty use.

4. Cost Efficiency

Lastly, a good commercial truck battery shouldn't cost a fortune. MIXTECH batteries offer more cost-effectiveness in the long run, with their long-lasting performance and low-maintenance requirements. MIXTECH batteries often outlast other battery brands, meaning the cost is retained for longer and the battery needs to be replaced less often.

In conclusion, modern commercial truck batteries need to be able to handle high-current draws produced by various electronic devices. Batteries must cope with frequent discharge and recharge cycles and harsh operating conditions. MIXTECH batteries are an excellent option for modern-day commercial trucks, engineered to provide consistency, durability, and reliability. They also offer more cost-effectiveness in the long run and are specifically designed to counteract the negative effects of acid stratification and sulfate buildup. So next time you need to replace your commercial truck battery, be sure to pick MIXTECH.


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