True Sine Inverters

Our topic is true sine wave Inverters or pure sine wave inverters. So what is a true sine inverter? Well, essentially it is an inverter that produces the same quality AC power as we would get out of our house wall outlet. As a matter of fact, in many cases it produces a cleaner or a more consistent voltage than our wall outlet that's connected to the grid. True sine wave inverters are going to be slightly more expensive than our traditional modified sine wave inverters because they're slightly more expensive to produce due to the components inside. Typically, performance-wise on a true sine wave inverter we're looking at two times the surge capability, so if a true sine wave inverter is a 2,000 watt output, the surge capability on this is going to be 4,000 watt. This is fairly common in inverters. The true sine wave inverters are available both in high frequency and a low frequency style, again depending on what type of load you're running, Where are we going to use a true sine wave inverter? Well, essentially if we're running sensitive electronics, we're going to require a true sine wave inverter. Big difference in charging cordless tools with a true sine wave over a modified sine wave, we're going to see much longer tool life and variable speed motors often require true sine versus modified.