A Message from Our Chairman & CEO

To Our Valued Customers,

I am incredibly proud of this Company. 

Our products and services help solve our customer’s toughest problems. We fight for and support our customers in more than 3700 municipalities across Canada every day. We operate with the highest integrity and commitment to our culture and values. We invest in our leaders and our employees dedicate themselves day in and day out to fulfilling our relentless pursuit: to grow our business by helping you grow yours.

If anything gives me faith in our future, it is the passion and resolve of our team.
Our primary focus must be on delivering outcomes. The ultimate purpose of our work must be the travellers who get home safely with our Canada Proof Batteries, the transport operators who need our reliable products in the moments that matter most, and the off-grid solar customers who need reliable advice and products to survive. When our team understands customer needs and deliver outcomes for them, we always end up in a good place.

Our customers are our “North Star,” and their outcomes guide everything we do. We rigorously align our capital allocation strategy with customer needs and market realities. Above all, we will always be a company that values our customers, our relationships with them, and our commitments to them.

We drive a culture of candor and accountability in our teams. For the past three decades, I always have been proud to say that I work at Canadian Energy. The bedrock of my confidence comes from our people. The passion, meritocracy, diversity, and integrity of our people have been—and always will be—the cornerstone of who we are.

The best people, the best culture—this is what makes everything else possible. At the end of the day, we exist to deliver outcomes for our customers, performance for our business, and an environment for our employees that motivates them, excites them, and rewards them for delivering those outcomes and that performance.

We have our work cut out for us. But we will continue to drive forward because we tackle the biggest challenges. CE’s people have always provided technology to improve human life in meaningful ways. 

I will use the privilege of leading this great Company to improve the many ways we make that happen both inside and out. As doing what we said we would do matters.

Thank you for your support, investment, and belief in CE.

Shawn Sauer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer