The Heart of Your Mobile Power

Electronic devices and equipment have become an integral part of our lives, and it can get complicated - especially when it comes to mobile power.

Have you ever thought what’s at the core of your mobile power? If not, you’re not alone. 

The inverter and inverter/chargers are at the heart of it all. 

The reality is that most of the current cheaper solutions just don’t cut it for today's ever increasing power demands. 

At Xantrex, we understand the demands of today’s mobile power systems, and we offer the freedom of quiet and reliable AC power regardless of where you are. 

If a class-8 truck or a commercial vehicle’s driver seat is your corner office, having proper power for your systems and condo-on-wheels is non-negotiable. 

With Utility vehicles, where time is a precious commodity, you need the freedom to run bucket heaters and tools, for as long and as often as your customers need you to.

And if you’re in your RV or on your boat: you need all of the reliability, comforts, and necessities of your home away from home. Don’t let your afternoon cloud over when the power goes out because you dared to microwave popcorn while watching the game and charging your smartphone. 

And when it comes to military and first-responders, there is no margin for error while using mission critical equipment.

The Xantrex brand is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology and it’s inverters and inverter/chargers meet UL 458 safety and regulatory standards for mobile applications.

Along with Canadian Energy, who is the leading supplier of clean and renewable energy solutions in the country, we have forged the strongest partnership in the industry. Providing you with the best mobile power solutions, the best products, and unprecedented local support any where in Canada. 

So, whether you sell them or you use them, your choice of mobile power products and solutions could either let you down, or make your day.