Modified Sine Inverters

Our topic today is modified sine wave inverters. So what is a modified sine wave inverter? Well, many know it as a square wave inverter. This is some old terminology. But essentially in a modified sine wave inverter, it doesn't produce the same clean power as does a true sine wave inverter. So it's not the same power that you would get out of your AC plug in your home.Typically a modified sine wave inverter is going to be less expensive to purchase than a true sine wave inverter. And a common application that we would find modified sine wave inverter would be in work vehicles and RVs where we're not running sensitive electronics,the loads aren't critical to the type of power that's required.Modified sine wave inverter is good for most motor loads. It's going to run most appliances and most tools that you require in an RV or a work vehicle. However, where the modified sine wave is not going to be, is not going to work as well is going to be with things like variable speed motors. It's not going to work well for appliances that have electronic timers. Oftentimes the timers won't work or won't work well. Microwaves will typically take longer to cook your food and as well, in a work vehicle application when we're charging cordless tools, we're not going toget as good of life out of the tools as we would charging with a true sine wave inverter.