MIXTECH Batteries

Discover Battery offers a premier line of maintenance-free automotive and commercial batteries designed to provide superior performance, greater reliability and longer life in Commercial Transport / Transit and automotive start-stop applications.

We call it MIXTECH

MIXTECH batteries include patented technology that actually mixes the electrolyte inside the battery to ensure uniform acid density for greater charge acceptance and higher sustained performance throughout the entire life of the battery. The bottom line is: it maintains the battery’s original performance and it prolongs battery life. It has a lower total cost of ownership compared to all other conventional EFB & AGM batteries. 

MIXTECH batteries have been proven to maintain dynamic charge acceptance up to 3x greater than a conventional or enhanced flooded battery when used in severe duty and partial-state-of-charge applications. A higher DCA allows more energy to be recovered and stored allowing the battery to support electrical loads for longer periods of “no-alternator” operation that today’s more fuel efficient start-stop vehicles demand. This means less fuel is used. Within 6 months of service, MIXTECH maintains a DCA of up to 3.5x higher than any lead acid battery without the MIXTECH technology. In short, MIXTECH is the first significant advancement to SLI batteries in over 40 years and Discover Battery is delivering it to the marketplace.

Acid Stratification: The Issue with Conventional Batteries

The issue that occurs in conventional batteries is that the electrolyte concentrates at the bottom of the battery cell and starves the upper half of the cell from it’s power discharge potential. This causes corrosion on the lower half of the positive plate, limits active material activation and reduces the battery’s overall performance and ability by promoting corrosion and grid deformation at the bottom. This is called acid stratification. Acid stratification is the #1 cause of both battery failure and reduced performance. It causes the battery’s useful active material to be reduced by up to 40% within the first 6 to 8 months of normal use.  The high acid concentration at the bottom causes sulfation on the lower half of the positive plates. Sulfation makes the battery appear more charged than it is by artificially raising the open circuit voltage. This happens naturally and is accelerated if the battery operates in a partial state of charge (below 80%), the battery seldom receives a full charge, or the battery is constantly cycled. Acid stratification represents the largest portion of premature battery failure and battery warranty period!

Battery Design Needed to Adapt and Evolve

For many years, manufacturers have attempted to increase the efficiency and life of their lead-based batteries while still achieving lower production costs by reducing the lead needed to manufacture the battery. The result of this approach is reduced battery life. The number of electrical components in vehicles puts additional strain on the battery which is required to power them all. This accelerates acid stratification and reduce the life of the battery. At Discover Battery, we recognized that the efficiency of raw material utilization needed to increase in order to produce a battery that is capable of meeting the changing performance and life requirements of todays vehicles. Our award winning MIXTECH acid mixing technology more than doubles the life of any flooded lead acid battery chemistry by eliminating acid stratification: the #1 killer of lead acid batteries.