Living Off-Grid 101 - What is Off-Grid Power?

Video and Blog by: Randy Anderson Technical Sales & Training Manager

Essentially off-grid power means that there is no AC utility grid connection available. 

So for a number of reasons, there may be no AC grid connection available. The most common reason that we see is remote locations. In years past, the utility companies would bear the full burden of running that utility line, whether it is a couple kilometers, 10 or 15, 20 kilometers, but they would bear the full burden of that. Today that would be on the utility user. In that case, it may be cost-prohibitive to run that power line, and with the price of solar continuing to go down over the years, it may make financial sense to generate your own power with a battery, inverter, solar system and generator. 

The other reason someone might go off the grid is that they are getting tired of utility bills and supporting the utility company. Again, with the price of solar going down and many components becoming less expensive today, so people can generate power for almost the cost of what they can buy power from the utility company for. That gives them the peace of mind that they're not supporting the utility companies and have complete independence when it comes to generating their own power. 

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