Lead vs. Lithium: Energy Density And Weight

While lithium-ion batteries are renowned for their higher energy density and lighter weight, it's crucial to acknowledge that these benefits may not be universally advantageous for every application.

While these characteristics are ideal for applications where maximizing runtime and minimizing weight are critical, such as in electric vehicles or portable electronics, they might not align with the requirements of every use-case. If we take a look at replacement batteries for floor scrubbers, we find that this application specifically benefits from the added weight of AGM batteries for down pressure on the machine, resulting in a much better clean than we would get without that down pressure. Another example is access lifts that use the lead-acid weights for counterweight balancing.

Again, when comparing lithium-ion and AGM, understanding the unique needs of the application is key, and the choice between these technologies should be based on a fair assessment of whether the benefits of higher energy density and less weight align with the specific requirements of the application.

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