Lead vs. Lithium: Cycle Life

While it is true that lithium batteries have a longer cycle life than AGM batteries, it is very important to understand your application’s unique requirements before choosing one over the other. Lithium-ion excels in frequent charge-discharge cycles, particularly in scenarios with partial state of charge (PSoC) operation, when compared to lead-acid battery technologies such as FLA, AGM and Gel.

The crucial factor is aligning the battery’s cycling performance capabilities with the actual application requirements. There is little purpose having a battery that outlasts the operation life of the equipment it powers. As an example, a floor scrubber machine that is used once a week does not need lithium at a much higher cost when the application does not demand heavy use and partial state of charge operation.

Proper sizing, guided by a comprehensive understanding of the duty cycle, is imperative to optimize cycle life, save cost, and ensure an effective match between the battery’s longevity and the equipment’s operational lifespan.

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