Is your Snowmobile Ready for Winter?

The snow is flying in many parts and the sled-heads are ready to go, but did you give that battery a good charge and test when you dusted off your machine? 

Today’s high performance machines with electronic ignition, fuel injection and electric start are hyper sensitive to low battery voltage and state of charge, low battery voltage often results in a machine turning over but not starting which doesn’t result in a good day of sledding.  It’s very important that these batteries be maintained in a full state of charge while not is use so that they do not lose their ability to power these vital components, with most machines not having a manual pull start option, losing battery power means towing the machine home.

A good high quality power sport battery like the Canada Proof flooded or AGM or Motobatt line will give you peace of mind that your machine will not leave you on the trail or in the mountains on that perfect snow day.

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