Inverter DC Disconnect

This week we want to point out the requirement for installing a DC Disconnect with every Conext SW or XW inverter, the Code in Canada for this reads as follows;

“Each supply circuit shall be provided with a disconnecting means integral with or adjacent to the equipment, and the disconnecting means shall be grouped together” (rule 14-414 1 (b)). If this is observed then the operator will be able to disconnect all sources of emf during maintenance and can be assured that it cannot be energized inadvertently.”

This means that for every Conext SW inverter/charger system, we should sell one 865-1016 (RNW8651016) which mates directly to the left side of the SW inverter/charger and comes with a 250 Amp DC breaker installed, there is also expansion room for 2 additional DC breakers. The XW DC breaker is housed in the Power Distribution Panel, there are a couple different models of the PDP available, 865-1015-01 (RNW865101501) also has 3 – 60 Amp 120/240 Vac breakers whereas the 865-1014-01 (RNW865101401) comes with DC breaker only, AC breakers would have to be purchased separately and sized as per the installation requirements.

Even though we are typically dealing with low DC battery voltage (less than 50V) on our systems it is a solid idea to incorporate fuses and/or  disconnects on mobile inverter systems as well, this gives the operator the ability to disconnect battery power to an inverter should they need to perform service on the inverter without disconnecting cables or fuses. 

It is my recommendation to always error of the side of caution so if someone asks for a system, always spec in fuses and breakers, if the customer doesn't want them after understanding what their purpose is, at least you have give them the safe option.  There is never an issue until there is an issue!