Intro to Xantrex

Xantrex is a pioneer in the inverter and the inverter charger business. They were building inverters before inverters were really a thing, so if you're looking for somebody who's bankable and been around for many years, certainly Xantrex has been a leader in the inverter business for many years.

Back in 2008, Xantrex was purchased by Schneider Electric. At that time, Schneider spun off the renewable business so units that go into home and cottage applications and rig tie units are under their own brand of Schneider. The Xantrex brand is comprised of primarily inverters, inverter-chargers, and chargers for mobile applications.

Xantrex produces a number of different inverters. They manufacture a modified sine wave inverter, they manufacture a true sine wave inverter in both high frequency and low frequency or transformer based inverters. They have a wide range of products in these lineups and have been building those for quite a few years. They range from a couple hundred watts up to 5,000 watts so really a wide range of sizes and types are available.

They also have a unique facility out in Vancouver, BC where they do HALT testing (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). So they're able to put the units, their inverters and inverter-chargers and chargers, through some extreme testing before they go into production. So this HALT testing tests them under extreme conditions and cycles them through hot and cold environments. So what it does is it picks up any components that are going to fail early and they're able to change those or upgrade before they go to production.

Another unique feature of the Xantrex products is all the mobile products are UL458 approved. That means that they've been through the required testing and determined that they are safe electrically and the components for sale in Canada and the U.S. and North America. Again, many competitors do not carry UL458 approval, so depending on what your application is, it's something you may want to verify.

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