How To Properly Test Your Battery


I am Matthew Sauer, the SLI product manager for Canadian Energy. Today, I want to share a quick tip on battery maintenance or pre-emptive maintenance.
Typically, between three and five years, your battery will naturally fail. Though there are some cases where the battery may fail due to a short circuit or other issues. When you're getting your oil changed, some vehicle maintenance shops will perform a battery test using an electronic tester. However, sometimes instead of connecting the lead ends to the battery terminals, the tester is mistakenly connected to the bolt or stud, leading to a false reading.

If you ever come across this situation, it's important to ask if they tested on your battery terminals or cable ends. If they tested on the cable ends, ask them to retest using the battery terminals for a more accurate reading. Typically, before the fall season arrives, it's a good idea to have your battery tested either by a mechanic or at one of our Canadian Energy branch locations. This will only take about five minutes and gives you peace of mind knowing that your battery will last through the winter.

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