How To Maintain Your Battery

Hello, my name is Matthew Sauer. I am the SLI product Manager for Canadian Energy. Today, I will share some tips on properly maintaining any battery, including those used in RVs, marine vessels, or vehicles

If you plan on storing the battery for over two weeks, consider getting a simple battery maintainer such as the 12-volt, 5-amp charger I am holding. This charger only provides maintenance-level charging and won't fully charge your battery if you're storing it. 

For automotive batteries, disconnect the terminals and connect the charger to the positive and negative terminals. A fully automatic charger will turn on once plugged into a 120-volt AC outlet and should be kept in a normal setting. The same goes for RV and Marine batteries. Remove your batteries at the end of the season and keep them charged up in the garage. Avoid discharging batteries, especially in cold climates, where they can freeze. 

For sealed batteries, clean the terminals with a simple wire brush and ensure there is no corrosion. If you frequently go on trips, consider installing quick connects on the battery. Before leaving, connect the battery maintainer to the pigtails that are already connected to your battery. You can then leave it and enjoy your vacation or destination without worry.

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