How To Install Batteries In Parallel



Hi, I'm Matthew Sauer with Canadian Energy, and today we're going to run through how to parallel batteries together.

Why would you want to parallel batteries together? Well, that's to increase capacity. Think about it as a gas tank. If you want to have more mileage on your car, you need a bigger gas tank. It's the same thing with batteries and energy storage. If you want your applications to run longer, you need more battery capacity. We’re going to take these 12 volt 80 amp hour batteries and parallel them together to get 12 volts, 320 amps. 

Think of train tracks. You're going to want to run down the tracks, so positive to positive, positive to positive, and so forth. Then negative to negative, negative to negative. 

Canadian Energy locations across Canada will have precut cable lengths. 

Once your parallel connections are complete, you're going to want to put your positive and negative leads go to your inverter on separate terminals; main positive and main negative. The main reason we do this is to have proper balance in all, in all the batteries.

Caution: if you were to put your main leads onto one, you would either discharge or charge that battery far quicker than the rest of the batteries. That would cause the battery that has all the main lead terminals on it to end of life sooner than the battery at the end of the chain. So, if you use a main positive and a main negative, you have a nice, homogenized use of capacity across your entire battery string. 

For more information on parallel connection, go to or contact your local branch.