How To Boost A Dead Battery


If your car has died on the side of the road or in a remote area, such as this Toyota TRD Off Road, you can jump start it with jumper cables and a 12-volt source. 
If possible, use another running vehicle to jump start your car. Alternatively, if you have a spare battery, that will work too. 

When connecting the cables, avoid allowing the two open copper ends to touch by pinching off one of the cable leads on the other cable. 

Start connecting the negative and then positive cables to the running vehicle or accessory battery.

Then connect the dead battery by taking the negative end and find a chassis ground. In some cases, like with a truck with multiple under-the-hood accessories, you won't be able to find a solid point of contact on the chassis. In this case, connect the negative to the negative terminal or connection of the vehicle and then the positive to the positive.

Then connect the positive post with a positive connection. 

Paralleling two batteries together will turn the lights on. Leave them connected for a little bit to get some voltage from the alternator into the battery. 

Once the dead battery has voltage, and you’ve started the engine of the vehicle, disconnect from the dead vehicle battery and your jump source. 

Allow time for the dead battery to charge before turning off the engine. 

If you do not have jumper cables or another vehicle, a lithium jump pack is a great alternative and can be found at any automotive store or Canadian Energy. 

To properly use the pack, turn it on, connect the positive to the positive terminal, and the negative to the negative, and then turn the vehicle over. Once the vehicle is turned on, unhook, and turn off the pack. 

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