Canadian Energy looks to bring Power back to the People

CUB 2.0 aims to help remote communities control their own destiny through affordable, consistent energy

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 7, 2016) - Canadian Energy is proud to announce the latest innovation in renewable energy technology with the launch of the CUB 2.0. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the latest release of the Containerized Universal Battery (CUB) will serve as a means to give power to isolated communities across the country and around the world.

"We live in an extremely uncompetitive energy market in Canada and the situation is amplified in our remote communities. Limited access and the politicization of access to energy in these communities reinforce a massive disparity in the quality of life available," says Craig Ballard, CEO, Canadian Energy. "Many of these communities are overly reliant on diesel powered generators, and even if they own the generators the ongoing costs of the fuel along with the delivery is exceptionally limiting. We are looking to create a solution so that these communities can determine where their energy comes from, including solar arrays or wind turbines. As cost per kilowatt in renewable solutions continue to decrease, we have reached a tipping point where this is a viable solution."

The CUB 2.0 carries with it all of the beneficial features of the CUB 1.0 unit including components to manage power flow and store energy within a single insulated and serviceable container. The new version is a turnkey system that reduces the overall cost and difficulty of installation with a plethora of added features and upgrades.

The updated CUB 2.0 brings with it an expanded 20 foot container which is easier to transport through conventional shipping lines than the original 10 foot unit. Along with a larger footprint, the CUB 2.0 brings more than double the storage capacity fueled by new lithium ion batteries and more than double the estimated lifespan of the system, expected to last over ten years.

"Our mantra is to constantly be innovating and improving our products to better serve Canadians, not only does the CUB 2.0 achieve that, it empowers communities while simultaneously reducing the negative impact the current system has on the environment," continues Ballard. "Some of the most important features of the CUB 2.0 is an external panel that simplifies the installation process as well as the lower voltage range utilized."

The external panel allows Canadian Energy to simplify the installation process, reducing time spent installing the equipment and the cost associated with it.

"The low voltage battery architecture and built-in redundancy reduces service complexity and the amount of special training needed to service the equipment. The goal is to be able to train people within communities to ensure that in the event of a power interruption, the community won't be stuck waiting days or weeks for a costly specialist to be brought in," adds Ballard.

Additional features of the CUB 2.0 include:

  • 54 kW continuous power at 120/208 VAC 3 phase
  • 270 kWhr of energy storage, 100% usable energy, utilizing Lithium Nano Phosphate Technology
  • Capable of more than 5000 cycles
  • Built in fire suppression equipment
  • Compliant with UL 1741, CSA22.2, UN38.3
  • External access panels for simplified installation
  • Shipping container insulated to R20 value with automated HVAC
  • Capable of connecting more than 75 kW of solar PV
  • On board wireless connection allows for data logging, remote monitoring, and diagnostics
  • All power electronics, battery banks, switch gear, circuit protection, and controls are pre-installed and factory tested

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