Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Written by: Randy Anderson, National Technical Sales & Training Manager

'Tis the season to adorn our homes, yards and businesses with Christmas decorations. We often get asked, ‘how can I hook up my lights with battery power?’, to which the answer is more simple than you’d think. So, for all of you who like to go over the top with lights and install them in the most precarious locations, or, who are looking to save the electricity bill, this blog is for you.

The process is simple enough, a 12-volt battery and a DC to AC inverter are the 2 components you’ll need. LED Christmas lights really make this possible as the draw is extremely low with the average string drawing just 2-5watts AC, this means that a very small inverter 200-600 watts is required to run a few strings of lights.  How many strings of lights and how long those lights are going to be powered will determine what size battery is required. 10 strings of lights operating for 8 hours continuous would draw approximately 33 Ah, that translates into the average deep cycle battery being able to run the load for 2 nights or 16 hours before needing to be recharged. We need to remember that as batteries discharge their freezing temperature rises so it may be necessary to recharge the battery every night, if they are outside, to prevent the battery from freezing and being permanently damaged.

Most inverters will not withstand water or moisture from the elements so, if you’re in a wet or snowy location, be sure to keep the unit in a container where it will stay dry. Be careful, however, if you’re wrapping the inverter to keep water out as many are fan cooled and will need to circulate air so as not to overheat.

So if you have the will to be the best lit house in the neighborhood, CDNRG has the power components to help you make that happen.

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